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How well a woman is defined? Or more precisely, a modernized woman? How she is envisioned through society? But the question is why is she being envisioned or judged be it modern or traditional.

“A modern girl is too selfish to think about others. Only latest fashion and cosmetics are dear to her.”

Do we really reside in 21st century? Well it doesn’t seems like that we do as this is how our highly scholars express their such opinions about women through a textbook which is intended to C.B.S.E, I.C.S.E, I.S.C. Purabi Chakraborty, M.A(Eng), B.Ed, D.E.L.T who defines women’s modernity in a stereotypical and archaic way.

As when we could witness the spike in women’s development in various sectors, something peculiar came into spotlight, probably something unprecedented. Purabi Chakraborty has written about women being modernized but in a very criticizing way as the text reads:

‚ÄúShe is more a self-centered creature than a sympathetic daughter. She is eager to enjoy life fully and so she does not want to miss any party, cinema show, concert, fashion parades and such outdoor activities. She talks and makes friends with boys freely and easily.” What peculiar is, the writer is well-educated having master‚Äôs degree in English and not to mention, a woman she is and despite the fact criticizing her fraternity only.

Her statements “The modern girl is no longer shy, obedient and homely creature as she used to be.”

“The colorful sarees have no place in a modern girl’s stock of garments” depicts like adding fuel to the fire. Seems like the writer has left no stone unturned in condemning today’s women that too in a school textbook which misleads the minds of students.

Well in a press release, CBSE clarified that it has nothing to do with this book as CBSE does not recommend any such text for schools.


  1. I would take pride in all that is written. Women need not be tge steriotype ” oh so goody” type. Yes even I am selfish and though I donot go for cosmetics but true that I hate sarees! And I would never change!!!

  2. Is this inaccurate? You are offended by facts, like a child. Unlike you, the author, the person who wrote the book is far more educated and has better understanding of english grammar than you do. Don’t write idiotic things that make you look like a nincompoop.


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