All The Motivation You Need To Start Studying For Semester Exams

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I mean seriously, what are you even waiting for?! Quit procrastinating there isn’t much time left, use this time while you still have it. Better late than never.

Study Smart

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There isn’t much time left to study everything efficiently, so you gotta use your brain and focus on the main topics. The best way is to redo and revise your assignments and internal question papers, as those questions have a very high chance of coming in the finals as well. Also get hold of the nerd of the class for the notes.

Treat Yo Self

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Let’s face it, studying for hours seems like an impossible task, setting small and easy goals for yourself helps. It works better when you know you would be rewarding yourself after completing it. Everybody loves some internet after completing 2 units of statistics.

No Pain No Gain

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I know, you just started to enjoy a little and these mid-terms decided to show up. No matter how tough or boring it may seem right now, I can guarantee that an A on your mark sheet will make you forget all this. Work hard, party harder (but later)

Its a Bad Day Not a Bad Life 


These deadly days are here only for a couple of days, make the most of it for they decide your upcoming days. Just a few more days then its all over.

All the best, you can do it.

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Prabjot Kaur
Prabjot is a full time daydreamer and a part time student at College of Vocational Studies.You can also spot her hogging on food,but mostly daydreaming. Feel free to drop her a mail at

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