As most of the students have settled in the hustling and bustling of college,you are sitting quietly in some corner,maybe still stuck with the 8 AM-2 PM life,unaware how to be a part of the ‘cool kids’ or even initiate a conversation.

I know it seems hard now,all your school friends have started with their new journey but somehow you are reluctant for this new start.

Well the first thing to do is realize that school and college are completely different and both of them play different roles in grooming you.School has teachers to guide and friends from years to support you,but college gives you a fresh start,a new look towards life.

For the shy lads out there,who are still struggling making friends, I would suggest you join a society.Since you are required to be social there,you might not make friends in class but you might find some special bonds right there.

College offers a whole lot of freedom that you have always wanted and dreamt of in school.Starting with the most important,you can now finally study what you actually want to or rather decide to skip class and explore your campus or anywhere for that matter.

While the freedom sounds all good it can be a little overwhelming with making your own choices, taking your own decisions but with time,you will get used to it.Apart from freedom,you also have a lot of free time unlike in school.This means you can finally catch up on your music lessons or learn a language, the world is yours.

You might miss school but college is a new beginning, gotta make memories here too! 😀



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