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Movie Review: Shiddat

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Director: Kunal Deshmukh

Cast: Radhika Madan (Kartika), Sunny Kaushal (Jaggi), Mohit Raina (Gautam), Diana Penty (Ira)

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Available on OTT: Disney+ Hotstar

After the patriotic trio (Shershaah, Bhuj, and Bell-Bottom), a romantic drama was served on our OTT screens. Keeping the genre aside, something which this movie unmistakenly missed at was a reality check.

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Shiddat is the love story of a Punjabi guy named Jaggi who after listening to a speech on the love of a High-Commissioned officer Gautam dedicated to his wife Ira, is highly impressed by the concept of finding a soul mate.

Movie review: Shiddat
Ira and Gautam in a still from the movie ‘Shiddat’. (Image Source: Koimoi)

Three months later, at a national sports event, our Hockey player Jaggi bumps into a swimmer, Kartika. What initially started as a flirtatious fling for both became a passion for Jaggi. On the day of the main event, Jaggi gets to know that Kartika will be tying the knot with a guy named Karan. Declaring her feelings for Jaggi as a dead-letter, Kartika tells him to wait for three months just to make sure that this isn’t mere infatuation and eventually flies to London. Jaggi’s love and passion for Kartika remain unwavering even after three months.

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Movie review: Shiddat
Jaggi and Kartika in a still from the movie ‘Shiddat’. (Image Source: Koimoi)

Till now, the movie seemed like any other romantic plot. But hold your pizza slice because what you are going to see next will be tongue-biting 😛

After multiple visa denials, Jaggi decides to sneak into the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland as an illegal immigrant. En route to the UK, he first tries entering France with four others. Unfortunately, he fails and lands face-to-face with Gautam, a diplomat in France. Part-misunderstanding and part-communication gaps have distanced Gautam and his wife Ira. It seems that Gautam’s speech on love has taken a U-turn and is now standing in front of a dead end. Unaffected, Jaggi decides to reach out to Kartika by swimming across the English channel.

Mind you, with a minimum temperature of 5 °C, the English channel is an iconic marathon swim in itself. And our dearest Jaggi has no swimming expertise. Consequently, the movie fails to relate the concept of love with the real world.

Jaggi fails to swim across the channel miserably. Above all, high commissioned officer Gautum who is on the verge of getting a divorce tries to play cupid for Jaggi. Putting his elite-class job at stake, he sneaks out the passport of an Indian student from musty-old files and hands it over to Jaggi. Jaggi will now be entering the UK airspace as Param, an Indian student who had lost his passport on stopover France and has a close family friend’s wedding to attend in the UK. Ill-luck, Gautam is almost caught at the airport and Jaggi is seen sneaking into the front-wheel compartment of the plane. Next to impossible in real life, this very scene makes the plot even more superficial. Eventually, Jaggi fails to wake up on time and falls off the compartment before the plane lands. He dies and so does the plot.

Kartika throws a party in the end, to celebrate Jaggi and his mirthful attitude. Moreover, Gautam and Ira reconcile and are seen in all smiles at this party.


Too much passion is a problem – and that’s what ‘Shiddat’ brings home. The songs may be soothing but the plot isn’t impressive at all.

My rating: 1 out of 5 stars. 

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