Music and Studies : Scientifically The Best Combination
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Well, many of us listen to music while studying, right? Don’t worry, because there is nothing wrong with that. Even though our elders say that listening to music while studying interrupts concentration, it is fallacious.

Studies have been carried out by various scientists about the impact of music while studying and surprisingly it does have a positive impact. Listening to music while studying-

  1. Enlightens the brain and in fact, all parts of the body.
  2. Enhances the memory. For instance, the famous theory, The Mozart Effect suggests that listening to the certain kind of music can improve mental capabilities. In fact, music is said to be the medicine for mind, body and soul.
  3. Makes the students more creative and helps them to have more clarity of concepts.
  4. Helps in improving attention of the students.

A study by John Hopkins University said that music helps our mind to calm and is an ideal stress buster. In layman terms as well, listening to music can put one in a good and relaxed mood.

Hence, if you are still annoyed by your elders telling you that listening to music is not beneficial while studying then, its time you make them read this article!

Jayati Bhasin is a student at Maitreyi College, Delhi University. She is into books (a lot) and has been the State Level Singer in the past.


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