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My Experience Of Studying In A Delhi University Evening College

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Every student in and around Delhi University is aware of the ever going debate of “North Campus vs South Campus”. But people are not aware of the disparity between the attitudes towards a morning college and an evening college. I still remember how the principal of my college, in the orientation day speech said that there was no difference between a morning college and an evening college. But now as I look back on the two years that I am about to complete, I realize that there must have been a disclaimer in his speech saying “terms and conditions applied” ¬†that I missed out on hearing.

Here are the few experiences I had in these two years:

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1. Morning College’s attitude

Every morning college student, and especially morning students of a morning-evening college have a special attitude towards the evening colleges. Over the course of time, you realize that the statement “I am from an evening college” has some magical powers which ¬†bring out the “Captain Russell” out of every morning student and make you “Bhuvan” for them.

2. You are looked at as a poor student

You might have scored 95 percent in your board examinations, but unless you write that on your forehead and walk around, morning students will take it for granted that you are in an evening college because of low marks. To the morning students, everyone who attends college from 9:00 to 3:00 is “Ranchhoddas” and the those who attend from 3:00 to 8:00 are “Raju Rastogi“.

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3. Eeeveeeening?

People find it almost impossible to gulp the word ‘evening’. If you tell somebody that you’re from Motilal Nehru College Evening, the person utilises every bit of his knowledge about syllable stress and comes up with “Motilal, EEEVEEEENING?”

4. If you’re early,wait!

Ever heard of a student being denied entry into his own college? Well, if you’re in an evening college, you get this privilege quite often. If you show up at 2:00 due to some society work and your classes start at 3:30, the security guard will not just stop you but will give you a look to make you feel as if you are Shahrukh Khan and you’ve just arrived at the New York airport.

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5. Certificates with the wrong college name

As an evening student, if you’re blessed with some talent and participate regularly, you’re bound to have certificates with the college’s complete name but without the term ‘evening’. One cannot blame the organisers for this. Because obviously, an evening college student winning might be a hypothetical scenario for the innocent organisers. They don’t realise that the absence of the term ‘evening’ makes it a different college altogether.

6. Sponsorships? Forget about it! 

When you go out and hunt for sponsors, there are two likely possibilities. Either you’ll hear the statement, “We’re already investing in the morning colleges” or you’ll get the same reaction as you get when you ask your parents for a reward even when you’ve scored just eighty percent.

7. Organizing a fest is quite a task

Organizing a fest in an evening college is a really hectic task. There is a reason behind it. It can be illustrated by an example.

Procedure for booking seminar room in a morning college-

You write an application—submit it in admin—admin approves.

Procedure for the same in an evening college is-

You write an application—submit it to the teachers—teachers submit it to the admin—they submit it to the admin of the morning college—morning college refuses and gives you a date twenty days later— you politely accept it as if they are the landlord and you a tenant.


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