My Life After Getting Admission Into Campus Law Centre-Law Faculty,Delhi University

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Someone has truly remarked that life is that what happens when you’re busy planning other things. That’s so true. I had made elaborate plans for myself after 12th and when they didn’t materialize I was left heartbroken. So,I just took admission in a normal college and tried to wade through the entire course. I have been a sincere student all my life but I can’t describe the torture these three years were for me. I just woke up late, attended only necessary classes and¬† never ever opened my books at home. Sometimes I felt so disillusioned and frustrated with my life that I wanted to give up on everything. I just didn’t feel any enthusiasm for my subject nor for my life. It appeared to me as if I was just wasting it .

I never had any plans regarding my post graduation other than studying L.L.B in CLC, DU. I knew it wasn’t easy and then people around me also left no stones unturned in confusing me further. Some were like law is not for middle class people like us! Others were like what will you do after studying law- “sue your in-laws”? Even my father was like you will just carry files all your life and nothing else.Only my cousin brother supported me. He sent me entrance material and also guided me whenever I needed help . One day after giving the entrance I just said to him that I don’t think I will get in because sometimes I feel that I am wishing for the moon. He replied ” You know sometimes I feel why can’t you get the moon”?

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Well I got in and now I am a bona fide student of L.L.B in CLC. Life has taken a new turn for me. I have become punctual , love my course and suddenly I find life more meaningful and enjoyable. In my case CLC has helped me in becoming a better version of myself and I am sure something is out there for every one of us which helps us in utilizing our potential to the fullest. So guys and gals out there I just want to tell you that it’s OK if something doesn’t turn out the way you wanted it to be. Its OK if you feel disheartened and don’t want to continue any longer. Its OK even if the whole world is laughing at your plans because only one person matters at that time ,the one who believes in you.Just remember that your true calling is also seeking you and once you realize what it is, life will be more beautiful and worth living! After all John Lennon has rightly said “Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.”

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P.S.- If anyone needs any help regarding the preparation for DU L.L.B entrance, feel free to post your queries. I would love to help you!

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