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Netflix Originals To Binge Watch Over Weekends

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Are you stuck in the turmoil of assignments and exams? Are you looking for a way to serenity? Well, if yes then you are at the right place! Here, is a list of Netflix Originals that will elevate your spirits and leave you bright-eyed and bushy tailed, like seriously! So ladies and gentlemen just grab some popcorn and SEE WHAT’S NEXT!


Orange is the new black is a Netflix show that has reached its fifth season being so complacent. The show revolves around a girl named Piper – an innocent and happy go-lucky-girl who is tragically thrown into prison, where she faces humiliation, is violated and has to overcome numerous inherent struggles of the prison. Her sudden and unexpected indictment severely disrupts her relations with her fiance, family and friends.

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The show has reached its fifth season now and still has managed to keep me hooked. With it’s recurring flashbacks and good character development, the show makes you feel connected to each of the character. Even when the show revolves around corruption, guard brutality and prison life, it can be really emotional and is sure to bring a tear to your eye.

I’ve been a loyal OITNB fan till now, and will continue to be, no matter what the upcoming seasons bring. It’s got a spirit and craziness that most shows don’t; will take the cacophonous messy comedic drama over House of Cards or Suits any day.

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Riverdale is a netflix series based on Archie’s comics. I am not really a fan of Archie’s comics but if you are, then you can judge Riverdale better!

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The show holds a standard theme of teenage drama as it is full of cliche characters like a perfect girl, gay best friend, the guitar and football player, the cheerleader squad, the loner and what not.

The show begins with the tragic death of a teenager, Jason Blossom. The mystery of his tragic departure is tried to be solved by the four high school friends, Betty, Veronica, Archie and Jughead which leads to a series of unfortunate and horrific instances. The friendships, relationships and dysfunctional families are perfectly portrayed in the show. Not to forget, it also highlights how a person’s greed, control and fear of losing reputation can purely destroy everything.

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The promising characters with dark secrets, the intriguing story line and the appropriate cinematography makes it a show you really can’t miss!

The only drawback of the show would be that at times the scenes get predictable and foreseeable. Not to confuse, the show is different form the Netflix Series, 13 Reasons Why and is more to general liking.

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Source- purefandom.com


“I would advise all our viewers to turn away immediately and watch something more pleasant instead,” this line said by the narrator at the start of the show brilliantly explains the black comedy, themes of grief and abandonment, the dark dark plot and also the joy that libraries give!! Yayyy.

The show revolves around 3 orphans, the Baudelaires, whose parents were killed in a mysterious fire. They’re placed in the care of a distant relative Olaf, who wants to steal the family fortune and tortures the kids in the process. The young and innocent children are left vulnerable to the trickery, theft and petty living conditions as they come face to face with various people. Ultimately, the kids realize that they can only truly rely on themselves, and no one else.

It’s not just another Netflix typical drama show, that’s why it won’t be pleasing to everyone’s eye. But if you can stand to watch it, it’s really a bewitching modern fairy tale, with all the darkness that pretty genre implies.

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Source- youtube.com


Atypical is my current favorite Netflix Original Series. It is a pretty fresh topic with a roller coaster of emotions.This show is about a teenager named Sam who suffers from Autism. He fails to fit in the normal course of life and is repudiated and shun by people around him. However, the way his family support and protects him, warms my heart.

The plot of the show rotates around Sam’s struggle of dating and finding his independence through his protective family.

The entire date hunting scenario leads him into worst events which are humors as well as heartbreaking. The brutally honest and straightforward remarks made by him in the entire season will leave you in fits of laughter. The show made me realize that Sam describes situation into words which most of us would just limit to our minds. The theme of love and rejection is also beautifully outlined. It is elegantly revealed that love is an emotion which cannot be contained because of any disability.

Love is something that cannot be contained within boundaries. The show is a 10 on 10 recommend because it will make anyone relate to the main character as it depicts how we humans struggle to blend in with our atmosphere, how we long for love and romance and how we crave to live life lives on our own terms.

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Source- youtube.com


Aziz Ansari would be my favorite person when it comes to comedic series. So a series which is created by him and also stars him as the lead actor, gave me a very good and hearty time. The story follows Dev Shah, an actor struggling and tumbling as he tries to sort out his professional, cultural and romantic life in New York City.

Despite being a bit slow, the show is bound to make you laugh a lot with it’s sly details about food, for all the restraunt-obsessed people and a lot of cleverly timed puns, that can actually make you scratch your head sometimes. The show also takes along the lines of Rom-Com, with Dev evolving his relation with Rachel, the girl whom he meets accidently.

It’s a really light show, when you don’t want to face the drama and tension of Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad. Divided into 10 episodes of half-an-hour each, I would definitely recommend binge watching this over a Saturday night.

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Source- news.newonnetflix.info


Being a K-drama lover i just cannot let this series slip from this list. Good morning call, it is a Japanese drama created by Netflix and Fuji films. It is based on the very famous comic “Good Morning Call”. This show is about a school going girl named Nao who has recently bought an apartment only to find out that she is sharing it with the most popular boy of her school named Uehara and that they have to keep it a secret. The show revolves around these two characters and how eventually the relation between both of them changes from being hateful to love.

It is one of the best comedy series with a romantic twist. The acting and emotions are so perfected that even the show being in Japanese you can easily understand what’s going on without reading the subtitles. I would really recommend this show to the people who are into humor and light entertainment. I am sure they won’t be disappointed. In the comic series show also has a sequel know as the “Good Morning Kiss” but, it is yet to confirmed if Netflix will be coming out with this season.

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