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New on the Block: Sex Education S03

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Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article regarding the TV show “Sex Education” belong to the author, and do not reflect the views of DU Express as a whole.

Hi, this is your author and I’m a TV-holic. Yes, that is a made-up word but it perfectly summarizes my current position in life. A new season of the hit British TV show Sex Education just rolled in this Friday. So, I dropped all my work (and education) and spent the entirety of Friday binge-watching the new season. And then, your author proceeded to toss and turn all throughout Saturday. Why? Simply because the show made me lose my mind (metaphorically of course). Now, what you all might wonder is what is all this uncertainty all about? Let me break it down for you.

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S-E-X Education!

This is a topic I barely got to learn about in school, so watching a complete show about it was perplexing. I wondered, “how much is there to really know about?” But, I was wrong. While this show in actuality is not a substitute for real sex education, it is an advocate for sex normality and all safe sex practices. It dwells even further not just on the sexual elements but also on matters of comfort, intimacy and confidence. And that’s precisely why the show has done so well. It doesn’t give you a powdery vision of what being in a relationship (open or not) is like, but rather the nitty-gritty of all that is the unfathomable concept of love and the feeling of a sense of belonging (not just to a partner, but maybe even a friend). 

Sex Education still- Otis and Maeve
The “will they won’t they” couple – Otis and Maeve: Image Source- TV Guide

Students at Moordale High, due to the poor sex education curriculum, face intimacy and sexual problems. To capitalize on this situation, two students- Maeve and Otis- start a sex clinic on campus and offer therapy sessions to students (‘clients’). Now, the catch is that Maeve and Otis come from two seemingly different worlds. Maeve is a straight shooter who stands for no insult from the bad part of town; while Otis is a panicked unpopular teen with an unhealthy relationship with his mother (who is a licensed sex therapist). Otis is the therapist in this operation while Maeve is the accountant. As the seasons progress, Maeve and Otis develop feelings for one another. But just like teenagers they “therapize”, they are too afraid to say what is in their heart.

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Still from Sex Education: They run the hallways: Popular kids Ruby (L), Olivia (C) and Anwar (R)
They run the hallways: Popular kids Ruby (L), Olivia (C) and Anwar (R): Image Source: Marie Claire

The story also follows Eric’s story- Otis’ gay best friend who has issues in his own life; and a group of popular teens and Queen-Bs of the school – Anwar, Olivia, Ruby and Aimee. Also, let me not forget the duo of Ola and Lily. 

Season 3 of Sex Education

After a long hiatus, Sex Education came back to Netflix with a definite bang. The show delivers on all accounts- be it the writing, story, setting and even the actors’ performances.

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With the events of the last season, the sex clinic in the school has been shut down due to ethical reasons and Maeve and Otis are further apart than ever. Moordale High goes through a series of scandals broadcasted on TV and now has been dubbed as the “Sex School”. To manage the situation, there is a new sheriff in town. Well, there is a new strict Headmistress in town. Much like Umbridge from Harry Potter, she is rough, unapologetic and against all things that let the students express their identities. This includes everything from their uniforms to their sexual orientation. It is all about being a round peg in a round hole to her. Sex education in the school hits a new low under her reign.

Meanwhile, Otis has started dating Ruby, one of the popular girls in school. And surprise surprise, Maeve is not doing so well. “Will they ever get together,” I asked myself multiple times on Friday. But you’ll have to stay put till the end to know that. 

There are also several other plotlines progressing throughout the season. But let’s keep the spoilers to a minimum, yes?

Final Thoughts

Season three of the show was a journey; a rollercoaster of emotions. I went from happy to sad to calm to mad to euphoric. But emotions returned right back to being unsettled. Personally, I couldn’t quite process some things immediately. So if you end up watching the show, prepare for a sleepless night. But other than that, this show holds up really well on all fronts, just like it has in previous seasons. And you may be pleasantly surprised by what comes your way. 

Watch the show here.

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