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Nine Dialogues That Every Delhi University Student Has Said At Least Once

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Life at DU is very expansive. It is not just confined to academics but is spread over to some amazing fests, top-notch societies, counting attendance, exam tensions, unforgettable friendship, fun at those fixed addas, elections, exclusive slangs and make memories every second. This is what makes DU desirable and unique. Every du-ite hence shares these common things amongst themselves, and I am sure every one of us has used these statements once in our lifetime. Here we go!

1. Yaar proxy lagwa dio!

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The semester system, which has made attendance so much important, forces every student to say this once (at least!) “ yaar proxy lagwa dio na”. Lets just confess that attending all the classes is next to impossible. But we still want our attendance to be more than 75% and so the only way out is proxies. (never doubt the friendship of that friend who marked your proxy ).

2. Aaj kahan chalna hai?

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Spending almost all the money on food is an inborn talent of every du-ite. We never leave a food joint unexplored, and so going to those fixed food addas in our free period is part of our daily routine. Tom uncle’s Maggie point, QD’s, Big Yellow Door, Satya, Patel chest, Chacha Di Hatti, HKV, CP and what not. We have tried all of them out.

3. I got late because of the metro. It was so crowded.

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The best excuse made by every student when they enter late in the class is ‚ÄúI got late because of the metro. It was so crowded‚Äù. Metro is the most extensively used public transport and more than 50% of students travel from it everyday. Though we complain about it everyday, in the end, it is our only rescue. Metros are every student’s most valuable possession.

4. Bhaiya thik laga lo. Hum to roj ke customer hai.

Leave everything, we are experts at bargaining. Be it rickshawallas, autowallas or shopkeepers we can bargain like pros. Now we all know, we are always short of money so bargaining adds to our ‘savings’ (even if it is only 10 bucks, it matters A LOT).

5. Oh yay! Elections again.

Elections in Delhi University are a big eminent event. From roads and walls covered with pamphlets and hefty campaigning to people flaunting their luxurious car, elections have it all. Forget about voting, for half of the people, elections are all about free food, free rides, free passes and free accessories! I mean, who doesn’t like free stuff!

6. Oye pass arrange karwade.

The fest season of Delhi university is literally unmatchable. There is no place else that you can get these fun events, the hustle-bustle, challenging competitions, breath-taking performances; all under one roof. Every student eagerly waits for the fest season every year and during this time you are certain to find people saying “yaar paas arrange karwade”.

7. Shah Rukh Khan humare college se hai.

The one thing that every DU student does is boasting and bragging about their college alumni. From Shah Rukh Khan to Shiela Dixit to Arjun Rampal to Narendra Modi to Amitabh Bachan, the list never ends. This is what ‘swag’ is for du-ites.

8. Oh come on! We are better.

We all have, for sure, said this once while debating over that one popular topic of ‘north campus v/s south campus’. The clash between these two campuses is never-ending and a hot topic since ages. You got no one to gossip about? Try this one. It is always in fashion.

9. Ek aur assignment! (sigh)

One mutual sorrow that all we du-ites go through is of that huge pile of assignments. Reading this might remind you of your next assignment’s deadline but I know you will again find excuses of not starting it today (Ah,we all are such good procrastinators).

I know we all are becoming nostalgic and laughing together at the same time, because we du-ites have so much in common. Kudos to this mutual feeling and bond!

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