Nine Key Takeaways From Prime Minister Modi’s National Address On Coronavirus

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 The Prime Minister appealed to Indians to respect the word ‘citizen’ in its true sense. He articulated nine prayers on Navratri to the citizens of the nation-state. In the light of the worldwide fatal epidemic, the Prime Minister had a lot to say and requested the citizens of the country to be together and follow the motive of ‘Hum Swasth, Jag Swasth’ and answered how the dissemination of the pandemic has engulfed the whole of the human race – be it a newborn baby to the eldest citizen in the globe.

“Whenever any crisis breaks out or expands, generally, its expansion is restricted to a few countries or few states. But this epidemic has enveloped the whole humankind. Even when the two World Wars flared up globally, the affected countries were not as much as impacted by the outspread of Corona.”, said PM Narendra Modi. To highlight the measures taken by the Prime Minister and the Cabinet, here are 9 points necessary for India to emerge victorious in this global fight :

  • Firstly, Abraham Lincon’s idea of ‘for the people, of the people and by the people’ has been requested to be followed in the form of “JANATA CURFEW” on the upcoming Sunday i.e 22nd March from 7 AM to 9 PM. It has been pleaded to inform and aware of each and every citizen of the country about this curfew by calling your near ones and by processions through various associations of the country. The curfew impact will serve as a roadmap for the fight ahead.
  • The citizens of the country are requested to honor the corona warriors on the day of curfew at 5 PM for at least 5 minutes by applauding their courage, zeal, and enthusiasm; elder people and senior citizens are requested not to go out.
  • Unnecessary venturing out should be avoided unless and until it is the need of the hour; public gatherings must be avoided for a healthy you and a healthy country. 
  • People should avoid going to hospitals for their routine check-ups in this epidemic hour.
  • Panic buying of necessities shouldn’t happen and no hoarding should be done as necessary steps are being taken to ensure regular supply of necessary items.
  • Another important step is the postponement of the appointments for elective surgeries.
  • Social distancing must be followed.
  • Paid leaves should be granted to working staff; employees should work from home.
  • An economic response task force is commenced under the Finance Minister of India to meet economic challenges by accepting feedback from the stakeholders.
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‘Everyone has to be alert; I’m asking for a few weeks; resolve and restraint crucial; protection is a priority; don’t be complacent; keep yourself free from doubts and unnecessary fake information.” PM Modi told Indians.

Image Sorce – Amar Ujala

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