Nine Types Of People You Get To See In Delhi Metro

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If Delhi is the capital of India, then metro is the soul of Delhi. Delhi metro is a mini India in itself where you encounter people of all varieties. We simply can’t ignore them and we absolutely love to hate them. So, here is a list of people you get to see while travelling in Delhi metro-


As soon as they enter the couch, they spread their fragrance everywhere. It appears as if they have bathed in sweat. Okay, sweating is natural, but you don’t have to stand with your hands up so that everyone can enjoy your lovely stinking underarms.

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They peep in your phone until infinity. They are a step ahead of our mothers in stalking. Yes, of course, you need something to pass our time while travelling but duh, spare me and my phone.

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He does not care if it’s summers or not and doesn‚Äôt bother about the fact that he is indoor. He has his own swag. After all he has to protect his ever so charming eyes.


‘Thoda thoda shift ho jao please’ Jugaad is in the blood of Indians. These people (mostly girls) will ask you to shift and will adjust in the smallest spaces ever.


They will speak at their highest pitch and will leave you with a headache. Plus, all their phone calls will come while they are travelling. But congratulations, in an hour’s journey you will get to know their entire family story.


They love books. They love reading. And they love Chetan Bhagat. They’ll not care if anyone stomp on their feet or even if they miss their station because they have to complete the entire book today itself.


They will stand so close that they appear to be one person instead of two. Like they have to show all their love while travelling only. They don’t feel embarrassed but they will make you embarrass thinking, ‘Go get a room guys!’


There is barely any space for people to stand but this intelligent lot brings the heaviest luggage with them. But they have an advantage you see, they sit on their luggage and travel comfortably.


I absolutely loved kids but not now. They will cry during the entire journey and irritate the hell out of you.

Which one’s you? Or do you know some other bunch? Comment below.

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