It will not be mandatory to play national anthem in cinema halls across the country- DU Express
Image Source: 'The Hindu'

The Supreme Court amended its earlier order and removed compulsion on playing of national anthem before a film is screened in movie halls and theatres across the country. It further added,” We don’t have to wear patriotism on our sleeves”.

Today’s order comes after the government on monday filed and affidavit asking the Supreme Court to reconsider its decision of making national anthem mandatory for cinema halls before screening of any movie and that it was setting up an inter-ministerial committee to look at any modifications in the existing rules.

The initial order issued on 30th November 2016 had directed all movie halls and theatres to play the national anthem in cinema halls and the audience must stand in respect to their motherland. But now it is not obligatory to stand up and prove your patriotism.

“People go to cinema halls for entertainment. Why should we make choices for them? Why should we assume that if someone doesn’t stand up for the anthem in the cinema hall is not patriotic?” said Justice DY Chandrachud.

The apex court also said that the rules for the anthem can be modified but it is the duty of the government to take a call instead of “shooting from the court’s shoulder”.


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