No Need To Carry Your Driving License Everywhere You Go

In the age of technology, Do we still have to carry our driving license and vehicle documents everywhere we go?

Well the Answer is No, The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) has issued an advisory to states to accept Driving Licence, Registration Certificate or other documents in ‘electronic form’ presented through DigiLocker or mParivahan platform as valid under the Motor Vehicles Act, 2000 and treat them at par with the certificates issued by the transport authorities

The Centre has confirmed that it now allows the use of Digilocker and mParivahan to present the driving license and other registration paper’s in electronic form.

Now you will be able to drive your car/two wheeler without actually carrying the physical hard copies of your Motor Vehicle and driving license, and this has been made possible due to the launch of Digilocker, it is basically a storage for all the documents required by the government in digital format.

This step has been taken to ease the issues which have been faced by the citizen’s, that is when the traffic police does not accept the digital form of documents as valid.The Advisory clearly states that the documents provided on the Digilocker or mParivahan app are completely acceptable and legal where in the traffic police do not accept the electronic form of Documents as Valid. The Advisory clearly states that the documents provided on the Digilocker or mParivahan app are completely acceptable and legal.

As far as the Insurance of a Vehicle in concerned, the data is being uploaded continuously regarding the existing and new insurance of the vehicles by the Insurance Information Board on the VAHAN database, and the same is reflected on the digilocker and mParivahan app.

But if demanded by the Authority the person will have to show the Hard Copies of the Documents and the Driving License. It should also be noted that digital copies of these documents would not be considered legit in case of an offence, and thus the individual will have to present the documents to the legal authorities.

The complete transfer of the system from paper base work to electronic base system will really get the work going on at a faster pace and will also make it hassle free, all that you have to do is, Download the App, get your Aadhar Card linked to your Mobile Number and your account will be created.



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