Why must one join a society at DU

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I’ve been there, done that and have come out as an achiever in my own eyes and the people who saw me grow and evolve as a person all together know what I was earlier, before being a part of a society, and what I became as an individual after I departed myself from it.¬†

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DU is known for its extra curricular activities and so it gives us the opportunity to explore this option as well. Every year people audition and make a mark for themselves, win accolades for their colleges and at the same time explore and experiment with their own capabilities. Following are the points as to why you must join a society in your college.

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1. College is not just about bunking classes and hanging out at eating joints or malls or at the movies. It’s greater than that, really! It not only acts as an extra activity besides academics but also gives you a direction and makes you use your time productively.

2. Freshers usually stress about issues regarding attendance but that should not be the case. Well, this is what college is all about, isn’t it? You have to eventually learn how to “manage” and “survive” in all sorts of situations. Being in a society might give you a short attendance in the classes but one has to learn how to balance the two.

3. Societies give you the opportunity that no class can give you. That is exposure! Meeting new people, doing new things and making the best of every opportunity is one thing that is peculiar to this institution. Throughout your college, you will come across so many students from different backgrounds, cultures and with different ideas and talents that your journey will be overwhelming and fun simultaneously.

4. Indulging in one’s self interest is one thing and leading and working with a group of individuals is another! Team work takes you millions of miles ahead on the journey of success and happiness. One person might fall apart but a team always has your back.

5. By being a part of a society one creates a niche for themselves. You no more remain an ordinary student of a college but people know you for what you do.

6. Outstation trips are the best thing that can happen to anyone. Participating in competitions, roaming around the campus at odd hours of the day, meeting new people having the same interests, forming greater bonds with your own team members and attending star nights and fests is a memorable experience.

7. It adds to both- your resume and personality.

To be or not to be a part of any society is one’s own choice but remember, either you are in it or you are not. So don’t miss the opportunity and make the best of it!¬†

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