Objections Raised To Changes In Undergraduate Syllabus Of English Department

The undergraduate syllabus of Delhi University was reviewed at a Standing Committee meeting. The university’s proposal to include the role of RSS in Gujarat riots and use of Hindi deities in reading of queer literature was opposed.

According to Rasal Singh, a member of the Standing Committee on academic matters, the organisations like Bajrang Dal and RSS are shown in bad light in the background story of the Gujarat riots and are shown as attackers. He also objected that Hindu deities are depicted as queers, and for this references are given to be from Bhagvath Puran, Sankar Puran and Shiv Puran. And the introduction of “Literature and caste” and “Interrogating queerness” also got opposition.

He also highlighted that only 30% of that syllabus was called for changes in the Choice Based Curriculum System while here the entire syllabus has been changed.

Mr. Singh has put forth all his objections and his disagreements are now to be addressed at the Academic Council meeting by the English department.



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