Oblivious To The Woes of Delhi University Students : Students Denied Entry To Ambedkar Hostel

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The students of Ambedkar-Ganguly hostel we forced to leave the premises under the false notion of hostel lockdown. On 20th March 2020 students were falsely conveyed that the hostels are being locked down and they’ll have to vacate. The residents explained to them that it’ll be extremely difficult for them since they couldn’t go back home. The level of pressure built on students to leave was extremely unfair since they told us that go anywhere but vacate the hostel. Further, it was even more difficult for students to stay at temporary residences such as Local Guardian’s or friends for an elongated time. Concerning their safety and some personal reasons, students can’t even go home. Thus the hostel becomes their only option for basic shelter and accommodation which is needed at this time. According to o recent notice, the residents of the hostel are subject to necessary basic amenities, mess facilities, and adequate medical attention, safety, and security. Hostels like RGHG and NESHW are functional and according to the same. However Ambedhkar-Ganguly hostel is working on opposite lines.

Due to the pressure by hostel authorities, one of the students had to especially bear the cost of booking a flight costing 27k while another had to specially call her sister from Dehradun.

Similarly, a student Saroj pursuing M.A.(F) Music has yet another story to tell. Saroj is visually impaired and does not have her own home to stay. She was also a student of Ambedkar Ganguly hostel who was forcefully asked to vacate. Earlier she made an ad-hoc arrangement at her friend’s place but now that her friend has also asked her to move out, she has nothing but the hostel to rely on. When she asked her the warden to provide her with accommodation the hostel, she was first denied and later asked to wait. It is her 70th Day of waiting. Saroj says “The University of Delhi, stands tall as an emblem of social justice, I was a helpless student stand dwarfed in front of you. Please don’t fail me. I value my life, I hope you will value it too.”

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University says that “Students are not being denied entry into hostels, they are just being asked to produce a certificate that says they are not infected with the coronavirus. If they get that, they can stay in hostels,” the official said. “This is a protocol that we need to follow for the safety of other students.” – As reported by The Print’

Now that the University has come up with a press release that they’re taking sufficient care of each resident and are “in solidarity “. The student aks nothing more but accommodation and basic facilities. Although the government is making arrangements for migrant workers, it seems they are oblivious to the woes of hostel students.

The students allege that Dr. Ratnabali, the warden of Ambedkar Ganguly hostel is not even considering taking the students after taking necessary precautions and certificates that they have agreed to submit. The students further alleged that she’s blaming the students themselves for leaving the hostel. Further, her statements including “a girl’s body is a mystery” sparked off a protest and the demand for her resignation in Dhaka Complex in the past.

In these tough times, when one needs to be cautious and safe in one’s house, the youth of the country is being stranded on the streets. They are not only homeless but hopeless too.

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