Odd Vs Even Semesters

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There have been a lot of articles written over the different years one deals with as a student in college, but what is also amusing is how odd and even semesters shape up very differently irrespective of the college year. Hence, it’s only fair to introspect what they have in store as a Delhi University student. Delhi-ites might well be familiar with the odd-even terms though but for different reasons.

ODD SEMESTER’s always have a new feeling attached to it and this statement would be backed up by almost everyone in 1st, 2nd or 3rd year. The months of holidays that we get before the odd semester starts gives us ample space for curiosity, nervousness and excitement. Odd semesters somehow take some more time getting used to as we breathe a fresh air in the college even if the wind is familiar.

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Ironically, They can be a bit odd as you get to meet new people therefore awkward new meetings and unexpected incidents are bound to happen. These are also the times when societies in colleges are recruiting which marks a great time for the ones willing to get in to give it a shot else it may lead to them being ‘evenly’ disappointed, later.

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EVEN SEMESTER’s make it all even for everyone in college! As the faces are no more odd/new for anyone. There is a sense of familiarity that everyone can carry with their college bags. Mostly, a change from odd to even is a change for everyone in this world as even semesters tend to start from January and what they have in store is probably one of the best things you witness in your college life, the fest-ive season!

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The buzz in the college speaks without a language. You see everyone talking about the different events that they wish to be a part of and every college has something exciting coming up with their societies and the college itself organising the grandeurs or fest as it is known. Countless events which can either be a competition or a celebrity talk, the heterogeneity of the events is bonded together by the expression of them being full of life and recreation. If experiencing college life was a thing, such fests would surely be one of it’s creators.

Somehow, we students manage to evenly make the best out of both the semesters despite all the odds that one may face mainly dealing with academical crunch.

And as we head towards the even semester or the even’t’ semester as you may call it. Here is wishing everyone a joyous year and semester, have the time of your life as you might end up in an ‘odd’ situation later in college barring the third years who might be facing the same situation but rather in life.

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