One more Drink and Drive Case in North Campus
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“Nothing is going to happen, I will return home safely!” And this is when the fallacy builds up and leads to some fatal incidents.

On Saturday evening 4 friends routed towards north campus to attend a fest. Abhinav, who was drunk while driving, crashed the car into an electricity pole. This led to the demise of his friend Himanshu, who was also the owner of the car and caused some minor injuries to himself.

The police booked Abhinav for driving under the influence of alcohol. Himanshu Sharma, who was killed during the incident was pursuing medical studies at a private university. He was a resident of Sarai Rohilla. As per DCP (north) Nupur Prasad, the medical examination of Abhinav led to the conclusion that he was driving the car in a befuddled state. Due to this he was taken into custody by the police but was later on released on bail. The two girls who were traveling with them in the car had recorded their statement. The case is still under investigation, Mr. Prasad added.


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