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Online Admissions In DU : Boon Or A Bane?

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Since the admission season has started for the Delhi University a lot of students have travelled from their homes to join one of the country’s most reputed colleges.

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This year students were promised a glitch-free Online Admission Process,but on the very first day of the Admission the server crashed,making it a cumbersome process


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On Tuesday The First Day of Delhi University’s Merit Based Admission the Portal malfunctioned as the server crashed and left a lot of aspiring applicants in trouble since their admission could not be completed.

A lot of Students had come with lot of hopes after clearing the sky-high cut off’s of various college’s but their admission could not be complete since the Portal had Crashed and the Delhi University Centralised Form could not be Generated.

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Due to this issue a lot of College’s got a fewer number of aspirants during the first cut off. Certain College’s like Sri Venkateshwara and Kamala Nehru, saw fewer admission due to the crash despite of the large number¬† willing students trying to get in.

At Kamla Nehru Only 98 Admissions were completed in comparison to 125 last year on the First Day of Cut off. The college Administration blames the Portal Dysfunction for the less number of Admission’s even though a lot of students were willing.

Similarly only 42 Admission’s were made in Sri Venkateshwara which is nearly half the number in comparison to last year.

Gargi College to recorded only 200 admission’s in comparison to 300 last year.

But How did a few Children make it through the admission process despite the crash and few didn’t ?

A lot of student’s stayed up all night and kept checking for the updates,they managed to print out the form early in the morning and came straight to the University’s for Admission.

Due to the Technical Glitch the College’s too had lesser work to do, The College Administration clearly stated that they could not go ahead with the Admission Process the Centralised Form thus landing the children into incomplete Admission. However considering the several parents that had come the college’s asked them to either stay at the college’s and complete the rest of the formalities or to go home and wait for the Portal to function again

The Question is that whether Online Admission A Boon or A Bane ??

Clearly the University had faced a similar situation last year too due to high volume of traffic on the admission portal which led to the crash of the server.

We had some trouble in the server till about 12:30-1pm. We were not expecting this kind of volume where nearly 50,000 students were trying to access the portal . Later they resolved the issue by distributing the load on other server’s”¬†said the DU Admission Committee.

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