Career Options After Pursuing Economics Hons

Economics is not everyone’s cup of tea.Now that you have grabbed a seat in it and baffled about what to do next? Trust me, you’re not alone! Read on to know a host of options that open up for you,with an Economics degree. Though, the course demands your time but at the same time it provides a number of opportunities.Deserving candidates wouldn’t find a hard time to grab a job with a fairly good remuneration.So,Eco students don’t get confused thinking that you have made a wrong choice, have a look below.

1. Masters in Economics


If you want to kick start your career then go ahead by pursuing a Masters in Economics.It will not only enhance your knowledge in this field of subject but will also provide you with great options once you complete it.You can apply in teaching field or can further pursue MPhil/Phd.

2. MBA in Finance

MBA plus Economics is always a win win situation.Go ahead by getting into MBA (Finance) right after you complete graduation.This not only gives you a good pay but also great exposure esspecially in the field of private sector.

3. Analyst

Many after graduation placements initially provides the analyst vacancy.Be it an investment analyst or a financial analyst, these are considered to be typical job profiles for an economics graduate followed by a good academic record.These options provide you an excellent chance of getting to work with big MNC’s.

4. Think Tanks

Think tanks are bodies that primarily operate for the analysis of economic issues and offering recommendations. Niti Ayog, Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion and Center of Policy Research are among the top think tanks of India where you could apply.An undergraduate in economics gives you the perfect base for becoming a part of a think tank!

5. Consultant

There are many consulting firms where they prefer economics graduates by giving them wide opportunities like working as an economic advisor,executive economist or as a junior economist. Plus point is that they pay high in numbers.

6. Professor

An economics degree gives you the requisite background to apply for teaching jobs at schools and universities.Furthermore,a basic teaching course along with further education would be a definite plus for your career prospects as a teacher!

7. Banking and Financial Services

You just need to be smart while applying and showcase your skills and confidence at the interviews and the job shall be yours as there’s always a dearth of economists in the banking and financial services industry.

8. Corporate Law

If you have an interest in law then this is the best option.A bachelors degree followed by an LLB degree and you are all set to become the next Harvey Spectre.You know you’ve thought of it – well,it’s actually attainable.

9. Economics Journalist

If you have a thing for writing then this is your go to option.What you have to do is analyze and study deeply all the economic conditions that are happening around the globe by showcasing your insights and inferences that you have drawn by publishing them into magazines or journals.You can start doing by writing research papers under your lecturers or through their guidance.

10. Government Jobs

Various job positions open up after an Economics degree in the government sector. The Indian Economic Services (IES), Reserve Bank of India and PSU’s offer jobs with social prestige and a brilliant start to your career.

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