Orbited Around Distraction : A Mirage About ECA Life

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College life is a turnover which every student can relate.

Nostalgic to the 6:00 AM schedule of the school going days,whereas now the 10:00 a.m. revolves around pondering when was the last time we went to the college?

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Getting in through ECA is like immersing yourself in the life of abstract and practical thinking,making it the most livable life.It will fetch you connections to create and collaborate your expertise and leaving the mark of individuality on the watchers watching you excel.Not denying the vast exposure of competitiveness,it makes you feel encouraged and facilitated to work hard and to fly beyond your limits by achieving full potential.

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ECA candidates are all about excelling in their strength and brushing up themselves in their respective and all other fields they could withstand.Getting leverage for attendance,free food coupons (hard-work pays off wala bonus),etc. suffices a student’s good ordinary aka extra-ordinary life.

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It’s all about not messing up with the boring lectures and the ‘please proxy lagvade yaar’ wala thing.You get all the time on earth to go ringa-ringa and watch all the nook corners in the college especially exploring the dark side.DU student life is all about having all India exposure upholding creativity and showcasing one’s hard labour.

Having termed ECA as ‘Distraction’,there are times when you would feel self-hatred of not being able to concentrate on the studies (the mere purpose of seeking admission) to the times you would be over-whelmed when your horizons get widened,coming across some new life lessons.

Months fade away with more ups and less lows of your on-going life until the University Competitions starts (the sole competition you ought to win).Mind and Soul are captured by the thought process of ‘how to bring the trophy for our college?’

Cutting it short- A life which parents are against and friends who are deep down dying to grab.You? living it happily.

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