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What Happens When An Outstation Student Goes Back Home During The Break

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Admission to a Delhi University College is like a dream come true.But when you go back home during the break,this happens-


Well the homesickness fills you with a different kind of excitement to be back home.You rush for the tickets for the first mid-sem break of your first year.Well, home sickness is more than missing family which means missing Ghar Ka Khaana.
Secondly,the freedom that you longed for seems like a nightmare in the beginning but later on,it gives you a fun filled adventurous ride.homesick3

Celebrity Status

OH MY GOD! Once you are back home,everybody (someone you might not even know exist in your locality) will be interested to know what goes on in Delhi.Are these rumours true? Are girls safe? Do you hang out late night? Does anyone you know smokes or take drugs? Have you started smoking? Did you taste alcohol?


Dilliwala/Dilliwali ho gaya/gayi ho 

Okay! So everything you do and speak is because you now have become a dilliwala or a dilliwali. Excuse me! At times overreaction is just due to some hormonal change or situational disturbance. And you getting a change in your fashion is just because now you have got a fashion sense or a big market like Sarojini or Lajpat or Select City.But that is not at all welcome because it is a dilliwala change.


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Friends Taunts

When you are away, every time you tell your best friend, ‘I’ll call you back later’. The taunt is, ‘Purane doston ko kaun yaad karega’. Well, how can I prove that no one can replace you because I love you the most. And you go through a name change process, ‘Ooh, dilliwale, yadd toh hai naa apna shehar’.


Shopping Bags

When you talk about the awesome markets of Sarojini and Lajpat, you receive a big shopping list from your friends and family.From mom’s Kurta to Friend’s earrings.Well,the list is never ending. And,then while packing your bags one full bag is only of the gifts. Phew! But don’t forget the same bag comes back to Delhi full of home-made snacks and ghar ka aachaar.


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Confidence Booster

There is also one very important positive factor about the Delhi-returnees.Your high level of confidence about your talents and abilities.The belief that if I am able to make a place for me in the National Capital,I can adjust in any and every situation.


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