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Overconfidence Can Stunt Your Intellectual Growth

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"Before you attempt to beat the 
odds, be sure you could survive
the odds beating you."

It is overconfidence that I am talking about.

Overconfidence : The quality of being too confident, i.e, proved to be harmful for intellectual and cerebral growth. It does not let you learn new things and explore the world.

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There is a lot more difference between confidence and overconfidence.Believing in our capabilities and hard work is confidence and thinking no one can do what we did is overconfidence. Overconfidence is a polite term for arrogance. It causes people to over estimate their knowledge and exaggerate their abilities to control events. In making critical decisions, you should always question your assumptions, biases and knowledge.

While attempting to perform a tough task or to achieve impossible things,self-confidence is required.A person who is self-confident always learns things and rectifies his mistakes whereas an overconfident one follows his own way.Confidence gives you courage to do things you are afraid of.

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Overconfidence will drown you in 
the sea of reality.

Overconfidence is quite common.Overconfidence in turn kills the person who was supposed to be innovative and impressive.Overconfidence develops a sense of self-satisfaction and you start taking things for granted resulting in your own downfall.

Overconfident people are less likely to challenge themselves and may miss out opportunities to learn. An overconfident person becomes negligent and may knowingly or unknowingly ignore precautions.The drivers, motorcyclists and bungee jumpers commonly over estimate their ability to travel (or jump) safely and that can resonate beyond them.

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It is the excessive belief that they have in their abilities ignoring the fact that their decision can be fateful too.

Being overconfident is a barrier to intellectual growth.

'You have to understand and 
acknowledge what you don't yet 
know in order to fully learn.'

So in the upcoming exams,be ‘confident’ not ‘overconfident’.

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