Panorama-The Film Appreciation Society of Jesus and Mary College Presents ‘A Song of Ice & Fire’ For All GOT Fans

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The tumultuous feud between the seven ruling families of Westeros,  the powerful and fascinating dragons, the rise of the exiled princess, the changing alliances and politics incensed with surprising deaths and even more shocking sexual mélange , Game of Thrones has kept its viewers at the edge of their virtual iron thrones, often even causing them to fall off it!

However, viewers are experiencing their very own ‘Long Night’, with the last season of the famous series not being aired till 2019. Worry not though, Panorama, the Film Appreciation Society of Jesus and Mary College is there to bring a relief in this long night. With their fest, A song of Ice and Fire, will be the ultimate treat for all the Game of Throne fans.

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If you dream to walk through Westeros , sit on the mighty and highly sought after Iron Throne, savor sumptuous delicacies, then get on your dragon and break the wall to get to this exciting event on 19th January.

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There are enough events to interest one and all. For all the budding writers, ‘A Dream of Future’ is the perfect way let their imagination flow and dictate the lives of the characters. For the hardcore and competitive GoT fans, the quiz ‘ Grandmaster of Citadel’ is the ideal opportunity to show off their immense knowledge and win exciting prizes for doing so. For the quality memer, ‘Clash of Memes’ is the ultimate challenge and a one you cannot back down from. And the best part? Exciting prizes are guaranteed!

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Other than the events, which will cater to your mind, authentic westeroi cuisine will be available to relieve the hunger pangs. The lemon cakes, are perfect for your stomach and delicious looking enough to grace your Instagram stories. You can also taste Oberyn’s head, and we promise your tongue will overpower your brain. And what is more, there are dozen other delicacies to satisfy your taste buds.

So gather your gang and get ready to march into Westeros as we hold-the-door for you to make some memories and win some battles!

George RR Martin is whiling his time away but Panorama, the Film Society of Jesus and Mary College is here to keep the long night at bay.

Knights and sellswords, ladies and wrenches are all invited to the fest of ice and fire on the 19th of January, 2018 at Jesus and Mary College.

Follow event page for more details

Where: Jesus and Mary College

What: Panorama (Film Appreciation and Movie Making Society)

When: 19th January, 2018

Be there!

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