Passion : Something Which Drives All Of Us

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What do you understand by Passion ? What is the definition of passion ? Is it something which acts as driving force to achieve our goals?

duuuuuudosomethingtodaythatyourfutureselfwillthankyouforcpaexamclubSteve Jobs in his commencement speech at Stanford underlined one factor which would distinguish good from the extra-ordinary. That factor is a person’s devotion to his  passion. From the likes of Leonardo Da Vinci to the modern inspirations like Bill Gates, Elon Musk  there has been one thing which has remained consistent through the tides of time, the devotion to their passion. In this write –up we will try to understand what exactly passion is?

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Passion is a very strong feeling about a person or a thing. It is an intense emotion, a compelling enthusiasm for something. Passion defines the need for our existence. It provides us the impetus to reach for our goals.

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Everyone talks about following their passion but no one actually does it. This is because we are too scared to come out of our comfort zones and to venture out into the unknown that is the reason we are left admiring those who actually do it.

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Chetna Saini
I am a physics hons. student from ramjas college but like to explore various things and writing is one of my passion.

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