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Passion vs Profession : Choose Your Way Wisely

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“Two¬†roads diverged into a yellow wood, I took the one less traveled by and that has made all the difference.¬†-Robert Frost

When your heart takes you to the right, but your brain tells you to follow the left.

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Which way do you go?

Which road do you take?

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Every individual, at some point in his/her life, has gone through or will be going through that phase where you will have two options to choose from-your passion and your profession (likely, ordinary,expected!)

One,that looks much like a roller coaster ride, you crave to travel and another that looks like a long, clear road – safe but monotonous.

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This one is about me.

It’s about how I took the road less traveled by and how it has made all the difference!

The road of my life diverged into that yellow wood after I passed my secondary exams. All the protection, all the warmth that my school offered seemed to have been lost. People, now, could only guide, but the ultimate decision had to taken by me.

Ever since I learnt the word ‘passion’, I used it interchangeably to denote ‘writing’.

I still remember the first time I had written a poem for my mother when I was in second standard. The zeal continued, and every day I would pen down some part of what I am, of what I feel, of what sense does my tiny-miny world make to me.

Writing was one of those rare things that I did without effort, everything else – from algebra to integration; from pendulums to pulleys; from cells to circulatory system, was pain :’P

I did both – my passion and academics, the difference being that one was enjoyed and other was beared.

But as every other commerce student in our class either wanted to be a CA or an MBA, so was I expected to do. My mother anxiously wanted me to be a chartered accountant or at least a company secretary.

My father, on the other hand considered that an MBA is ‘nowadays’ successful.

So obviously,writing was not considered anywhere in my future.

Somewhere in my mind, I had an unambiguous approach that whatsoever I’ll not go with anything that comes in the way between me and my passion, so I did.

-Neither an MBA nor a CA, I’m a media student today. It took hundreds of failed efforts to convince everyone about my decision. “You’re a girl”, “you’re a good student”, “it has no future”, everyone has their own explanation of why you should not, but if you are sure, keep a better explanation of why you should!

The road that I’ve chosen is, sure, neither easy nor safe,but it is mine!

So, when the road of your life diverges, consider opinions from everywhere, but when it comes to decisions, make your own!

There is a real lot of students who’ve opted for careers that have absolutely no correlation with their passion, but are they to be blamed?

Not really.

Time, needs, pressure and expectations often make us choose our ways in life. But, never and again never, set aside your passion for anything in life.

College, especially, gives you numerous ways in which you could ‘madly’ follow your passion, and when your passion becomes your profession, trust me, it’s one of the most magical things to happen!

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