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The Path Ahead Of Economics

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By the end of second year while pursuing Economics honors students are either excited about the future prospects of academia or are thoroughly lost when asked about their instant goals.

Here is a list of 6 career prospects that might interest you if you are still willing to go the distance and have not lost all hope:

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Pursuing a Masters degree in Economics: By opting for M.A. you give way to opportunities of teaching either at high school level or undergraduate level. IES (Indian Economic Services) is another field that can be pursued after attaining a masters degree in economics.

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PhD in Economics: Acquiring a PhD in Economics paves way into Indian institutions like Planning Commission, RBI, National Council for Applied Economic Research, National Institute of Public Finance and Policy. Also International institutions like the World Bank, Asian Development Bank and the International Monetary Fund employ people with a PhD.

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Attempt the UPSC exam (for IAS and IFS): Both, Indian Administrative Services and Indian Foreign Services, as career options can be availed through the UPSC exam.

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MBE (Master of Business Economics) and MFC (Master of Finance and Control): Private sector firms and business establishments along with Banking and financial institutions require Executive, Analyst, Researcher etc. To opt for these as careers one needs to pursue MBE or MFC.


TISSNET (TATA Institute of Social Sciences Examination Test): The TATA Institute offers various courses that are of interest to the economics graduates which include ‘Globalization and labor’, ‘Development Policy, Planning and Practice’, ‘Labour Studies and Social Protection’, etc.


MBA: One can always go for Masters in Business Administration. There are numerous branches of MBA to choose from including, MBA in finance, human resource, marketing etc.


If none of these indulge your interest, don’t be disheartened. Find the field that gets you going, pursue your passion or develop one, look for vocational courses but just don’t give up yet because no matter what, you’ll do good with your life.

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