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Perks Of Being An Old Soul In Today’s Time

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If you introspect and contemplate even on smallest of incidents of your life, if your self discipline is lethal and if you have broken your own records in being genuine, congratulations! you belong to a specific endangered human species known as old school or old soul. Even in this globalised world of 21st century, old souls are the one who still endorse ideas like chivalry, romance and love but this doesn’t mean that they on a reindeer in their fantasy fairy tale, contrary to this old souls or old schools has rationality and logic as their prime virtue and live “down to earth” and practical life. These kind of people are at its best when they strive for far fetched ideals and make them happen in real life.

If we delve deeper into how old souls are, here are some character traits which make them distinct from others and can also be known as perks of being an old soul.

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1. Old souls are overthinkers

Old soul kind of persons plan and think a lot before doing anything. Manoeuvring for them is a part of daily life. Their ability of assessing issues and decisions to a far extent creates a holistic approach of living life and make it more sorted and less messy.

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2. Satisfaction is a farcry

Their appetite of achieving their targets never get satiated. They always set big targets for themselves and don’t panic on small challenges and ordeals and always go for an extra mile. So isn’t it good that without any outside pressure, its your own instinct that always keep you working and improving.

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3. Self disciplined

You must have seen some people around who are always punctual and completing their tasks before deadlines, these are the ones who are always abided by their self discipline, which acts as a driving force and don’t let them bother about approaching deadlines.

4. Seek utopian kind life

Such kind of persons never let petty distractions become obstacles and that’s the reason why they always fetch for long term goals instead of momentary pleasures and somewhere these traits let them seek perfection in their lives which make them strive for utopian kind life.

5. Solitary but ambivert

“The reason why old souls enjoy spending time alone is because they never really are”. Paradoxically old souls seek friend from their inner self rather than from outer world, but when they get someone who suit them they are absolutely vocal which make them ambivert.

6. No social validation required

In the growing reality of virtual world, these are the ones who are not bothered by social media recognition in terms of likes and followers and also keep their achievements to themselves rather than publicising them everywhere.

7. Accept mistakes faster than Bolt’s sprint

Lastly, old souls believe in crude and raw self and don’t have masks to hide their original self. To maintain this they don’t hold apologies of their mistakes and have courage to readily accept them in front of everyone.

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