Pewdiepie Vs T Series : The Battle Of Most Subscribers On A Youtube Channel

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For the past five years, Swedish YouTube personality Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg has boasted more subscribers on the digital video streaming site, he currently has more than 65 million than any other YouTube channel.But, pretty soon, that could all change and, Kjellberg knows it.

The “T-Series” YouTube channel currently has the second-largest subscriber base on the site, with over 59 million and growing.

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T-Series would catch up with PewDiePie by the end of October with ending Kjellberg’s five-year reign as the YouTuber with the most subscribers.

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T-Series is an Indian music and film production company based in New Delhi. Most of the channel’s video posts are Bollywood-style music videos featuring Indian pop stars.The most popular video on PewDiePie’s channel is a five-year-old comedy compilation “A Funny Montage,” with 83 million views.

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Kjellberg is aware that T-Series is hot on his tail. Yesterday, Kjellberg uploaded an ironic video where he addresses the YouTube gossip that another channel will soon surpass his subscriber count so he playfully challenges the contender to a ‘saber fight’.

“The time has come for us to fight back,” Kjellberg says in the video where he jokingly rallies his fan base against T-Series. T-Series gives Kjellberg a safe place to play out a without risking much. A company isn’t likely to make a response video or a music track, and they aren’t likely to launch campaigns to try to beat Kjellberg either.

Kjellberg may not be serious, but some of his fans are mobilizing against T-Series’ YouTube channel all the same. If you click on any of T-Series’ recent uploads, the comments are filled with fans joking about the “feud” between the two channels or slamming T-Series.
T-Series is not a personality, meaning that Kjellberg can continue to be the face of YouTube.

India has a population of 1.3 billion people, the vast majority who use the internet to log on to YouTube, and there aren’t many other YouTube channels making quality Bollywood content. Plus, T-Series is a production company with many employees while PewDiePie is just one man.

But PewDiePie has one idea on how to reverse the trend, taking a cue from last weekend’s KSI vs Logan Paul YouTube boxing match.

“No more lame boxing matches. I challenge T-Series into a saber fight, like real men,” PewDiePie said in his vlog. “I’m throwing my glove at you T-Series. Fight me To the death.”
He was just joking, of course, but there’s little doubt he is in a subscriber battle that he may destined to lose.

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