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Admissions in the university turn out to be tiresome for everyone. Apart from the admissions there are various problems an outstation students faces. Being an outstation student I can understand how tiresome can a hostel or PG hunt can be. To settle down in a new city adapt to the environment can be really difficult for girls especially. The city has its pros and cons when a new comer tries to settle here.

To get a good shelter in Delhi at a reasonable price problem is very difficult. Sometimes the college is located in areas with no residential area, thus students need to settle down far away from the college. To get a good PG one needs to look for the facilities it provides, the hygienic perspective, the area it is located in and of course a reasonable price for the facilities you get.

There are colleges that provide hostels for the students that many times are not sufficient, therefore places like Kamla Nagar,Laxmi Nagar,South Ex,Hudson Lane,Vijay Nagar,Satya Niketan,RK Puram,Malviya Nagar etc. have turned into a hub for PG so that students do not face problems to commute.

Once you get a PG or hostel you wish for, there are many other problems you face. The roommates you get can cause disturbances to you. The people you live with may get into trouble and get you into trouble. This problem is faced a lot if you don’t get a roommate similar to your personality. Apart from this the privacy level gets violated when you share room with strangers. So it’s better to maintain a particular bond and distance with your roommates at the same time.

When we move out of our cities and our homes, we move out of our comfort zone, thus facing various problems is natural. To choose wisely and decide how we can deduct our problems while moving to a new place is a part of student life. Thus figuring out our priorities and necessities can help us adapt to the new surrounding easily and lead a happy student life.


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