Pink Tax: The Cost You Pay For Being A Woman

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The pink tax is an extremely discriminatory extra charge which half the population, namely womxn, is subject to without even knowing about it. Don’t know what the pink tax is? Consider a few questions. Do you identify as a woman? Do you invest in products like womxn’s clothing, razors or feminine hygiene products? Chances are that all this while you have been paying the pink tax without even knowing about it.

Unknowingly and inevitably, womxn are caught in the maze of pink tax. The pink tax is nothing but the invisible, discriminatory extra cost womxn pay for products and services which are specially marketed for them. More often than not, these products and services are comparatively much expensive if they are made for womxn than their male counterparts. Whether it is for toys, dry cleaning or even basic hygiene products, there is always a slight differentiation of pricing if compared with products which are meant for mxn.

Again, what does “made for womxn or mxn” mean? These products often come in colours and scents which are seen as more feminine, pink colour or a fruity, flowery do the job. Suppose there are two razors launched and sold by a brand, one for mxn and the other for womxn. The razor meant for mxn will probably be blue or black in colour while the latter will be pink coloured with a different scent. Colour of the product has little effect on its quality. Even though both the razors will probably do the same job given it’s just a blade, but both of them are made differently. This very difference in colour and scent, in turn, reiterates the stereotype of pink colour and flowery scent associated with feminity.
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Womxn all around the world are suffering from an ever-widening wage gap. Something as basic as a commodity like menstrual products is still unaffordable for a large part of the population. Not to mention the fact that they were also taxed until a few years ago. Even after all these social disadvantages womxn face, they are made to pay extra for something as unnecessary as a colour or scent.

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