Planning to Study Abroad? This Is Whats In Store For You

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Dynamic skyscrapers, clean roads, beautiful surroundings, greenery all over- these are some of the basic elements an Indian notices as and when he/she lands abroad. Naturally, these scenic beauties will attract anyone’s attention, but beware, because life in abroad is much more than that. It is actually surviving all alone and independent, surrounded by people of diverse cultures and backgrounds. So, if you are someone planning to head to abroad for higher studies, we have got something in store for you.
Everyone who longs to go to abroad for higher studies and exposure, has to go through some hardships, and its very natural. After all, these hardships are what shapes one’s personality and makes one taller,stronger and sharper (something that even Horlicks does, but never mind)


This is one basic and common problem that is faced by everyone. After all who wishes to leave the comfort zone of home and enter into the world of reality and struggles. But one has to. Homesickness is felt, even when one leaves his city and shifts to some other city but leaving one’s country and entering into a totally new and separate world is something which takes a lot of courage. So be prepared with all the remedies, because this time when you fall sick, there will be no one to pamper you or blame your cellphone for your illness.


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‘ Mummy, ye kya roz roz ek hi sabzi’, everyone, in their lifetime, has used this line. And now when in abroad you dont find anything edible, ‘Mummy ke hath ka khana’ is what you miss the most. So before you leave, make sure you taste and make the most of every bite of food that your mom prepares for you. Also, if you are someone who craves for spicy food, then get ready to adjust your taste buds to some plain and tasteless food.

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You will miss the time when you never looked into your wallet for paying for something and rather spent lavishly. Because, now being in abroad, even while buying a bottle of water you will think twice if you are really thirsty or not. And dont worry, if you regret not being a mathematician because you will gradually turn out to be one as you will master the art of converting foreign currency into rupees, that too in just few seconds.


Yes, there will be times when you will feel your saturation point penetrating in your life. The workload in abroad is to a greater extent because of the growing competition. There will be times when you will feel like giving up, you will feel over stressed and you will keep burning the midnight oil but then too some work might remain. But believe me, these workloads will help you deal with major problems in life and will help you master the art of smart study and time management.

Be it anything, being in abroad is in all, an amazing experience. Its true that one has to face lots of difficulties and hardships but after sometime one will realize that all these hardships led to his/her own betterment. The quality of education and the organised structure of teaching, is undoubtedly, what attracts many to pursue their higher studies from abroad. The amount of exposure adds to the ability of solving bigger life problems. So kudos to all those who have left their comfort zones and challenged themselves to make a difference and to those who are planning to get out of their comfort zone, the world awaits you.

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