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PM Addresses Nation For 2nd Time on Covid -19, National Lockdown For 21 Days

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The Prime Minister addressed the nation today for the second time, after seeing the toll taking effects of this fire-spreading epidemic.“The Fire-spreading epidemic is challenging the world despite all its precautions and preventions. Social distancing is the only possible solution claimed to cure coronavirus. I, in my earlier address, gave you a clue about asking your few weeks and today I declare a decisive preventive measure in the form of COMPLETE NATIONAL LOCKDOWN FOR 21 DAYS, where each state, each city, and each village will be shut down for these 3 weeks up to 14th April.”, the Prime Minister conveyed to India.

The key decisions of the central government delivered by the Prime Minister are as follows:

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1. To save every citizen of the country, there will be a complete PAN India lockdown, equivalent to curfew and stricter than the Janata Curfew, beginning 12 a.m. i.e. today midnight. As researched by experts, this is the only possible way to break the chain of corona and can prove a successful victory in this hour of examination.

2. Another important decisive measure taken by the government is the provision of RS. 15,000 crore package to tackle COVID-19 by increasing the medical, paramedical, healthcare facilities and necessary training of the medical manpower. 

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3. According to a banner rotating on social media, the Prime Minister pleaded  India not to step out of the Lakshman Rekha set outside your homes. The banner displayed the following:

                            CO – KOI

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                            RO- ROAD PAR

                            NA- NA NIKLE.

4. One more important request made by the PM was NOT TO SELF-MEDICATE.

5. The supply of necessities and essentials will be completely ensured by the Government and the government and the civil societies will join hands for the provision of necessities to the poor. 

6. The economic value of this complete lockdown, as declared by the Prime Minister, will be born together by the country and the government.

The Prime Minister said, “Italy and America have the best medical facilities and despite this, they are not able to cope up with this pandemic. The control in these countries has been possible only through the lockdown. So, to save Indian citizens and the country as a whole, it is necessary to take this huge step and prevent the spread of this epidemic.”  He presented the statistics given by WHO, as follows: The first one lakh cases came forward in 67 days, the next one lakh in 11 days and the last one lakh cases globally came out in 4 days.

The actions we do today will decide our tomorrow; We need to pray for the well-being of those who are working 24/7 for helping out the victims. One affected victim can affect millions; Think of victory and accept this boundary on yourself.”, the PM requested ‘with folded hands.’

To mention the economic decisions taken by the finance minister for additional information of the readers, they are as follows:

  1. All Income Tax Returns due as on 31st March 2020 are extended to 30th June 2020.
  2. All GST Returns for the month of March, April and May are also extended till 30th June.
  3. The interest in TDS deposits is reduced by half from 18% to 9%. No penalty and late fees will be levied till 30th June 2020.
  4. The restrictions of maintaining Minimum Bank Balance has been abolished for three months.
  5. There will be no charges on withdrawals from the ATM for the next three months.

These decisions are a move to Save India from the gnaws of this fatal virus. The PM requested India to support this decision by following the restrictions imposed on the citizens and the country. 

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Image Source – Business Standard

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