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Woodrow Wilson once famously noted, “The method of political science is the interpretation of life; its instrument is insight, a nice understanding of subtle, unformulated conditions,” which is a saying that rings true in today’s geopolitical climate. Political Science Honors has been one of the most sought-after courses offered at Delhi University and, as such, attracts some of the highest cut-offs every year. Some of the most notable DU colleges that offer this course are Hansraj College, Hindu College, and Miranda House. Following are the things to keep in mind before applying:

Yes, It’s science!

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The most pertinent difference between an undergraduate program in political science at DU and the political science concepts peddled as civics at the school level is how it is delivered. While doing good in civics and political science courses at the school level depended substantially on the student’s abilities to memorize cold, hard facts, excelling at the undergraduate program will require the undivided use of your analytical and problem-solving skills. The “science” aspect of the program will have students discussing logical concepts and pondering over complex political theories while working on projects that involve a good deal of data analysis and statistics. Moreover, the program is not limited to dates, facts, and texts but consists of a slew of audio-visual resources, interactive learning sessions, and group undertakings. So, don’t forget to come with grays of your brain charged!

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What to expect in Political Science Honors?

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Get ready to burn the midnight oil! A bachelor’s in Political Science will allow you to explore a swathe of concepts, ideas, and theories through an optimum balance of regular classes, projects, and interactive sessions with reputed people in the field. This will force you to be the best version of you as you work hard each day, dotting your I’s and crossing your t’s to turn in that perfect report or score well on that upcoming quiz.

However, it is not all last-minute caffeine-fueled sessions to submit your homework. Throughout the course of the three-year program, you will read, explore, sometimes wonder, and finally understand what politics in the past was like, how the current geopolitical climate came to be, and what the politics of the future will be like. Believe you me, the idyllic scene of you turning over pages of political prose as the sun sets over the old famous DU buildings will be something you will not forget for decades to come.

What lies ahead…..?

A bachelor’s program in political science at DU comes with a plethora of opportunities. It has been noted to be the first choice of many UPSC aspirants. There also exists a multitude of options to join academia by pursuing a graduate degree and a subsequent doctorate. Other famous fields that the students graduating from this program look at are-  International Relations, Business Administration, and Journalism. Hold on, though! All you need to understand from the point in life you are at is that opportunities to excel are raft, so think it through and choose for yourself.

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