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Political Science Honours : Plethora Of Opportunities

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Political Science deals with systems of government, the analysis of political activities and behaviour. It encompasses theory and practice of politics which is commonly thought of determining distribution of power and resources. Political Science Honours is one of the most sought-after courses of Delhi University. The course thoroughly covers the Indian Constitution, Political Theory, Public Administration, International relations, Global Politics, Political philosophy among others. The interdisciplinary nature of the course which explores the avenues in various fields adds to its popularity. Thus, Political Science graduates can opt for the various career paths that bud from the discipline. Let’s discuss some of them below.


The students of Political Science have an upper hand in the UPSC examinations. Their proficiency in public administration and government is their gift of the gab.

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Political science graduates with interests in film, television, radio and other media could pursue a career in journalism. Specifically, journalists who majored in political science might report on domestic and international policy, either for a politically oriented media product or as a political correspondent. Some universities provide specialised courses dealing with political journalism such as masters in international political communication and masters in political and public policy journalism.


There are several aspects of law that might appeal to students with an undergraduate political science degree. A joint degree for law and political science offered by many universities is a viable option.

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The profession requires a master or doctorate degree in their field of expertise in Political Science.


Political consulting is a form of management consulting that primarily deals with advising and assisting political campaigns. Many political consultants work not only for campaigns but also for political parties.

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A number of government occupations which range from city planning to legislature to CIA intelligence, are available to those with political science degree.

Thus, Political Science Honours provides a plethora of opportunities.The above-mentioned options are just some of them.So,go for political science honours and think beyond the conventional.

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