“Poll” Science – Elected By The Highest Majority In Delhi University


Every year with the end of the month of June, we all wait only for one season in Delhi . And which is ….. No , you guessed it wrong ! It’s not the Monsoon season but the Admission season of Delhi University . For some it pours happiness , and for others it crashes the thunder of their expectation.

This year , Political Science Course deluged students with colleges admitting students beyond the available seats. At Hindu College, which saw the highest cut-off for any course at 99% for B.A. Political Science, an official said that the total number of seats had been oversubscribed. While the college has 827 seats, about 1,000 students have been admitted, the official said.

Political Science teachers said a large role is played by various specialised courses students can opt for within the programme, which serves as bridges to various fields after graduation.

Various specialised courses like public policy, gender studies and international relations have a lot of contemporary relevance and also give a boost to students who go for higher studies. Public policy is useful for those who go on to appear for CAT, and can join the corporate field. International relations opens up possibilities in the UN, world politics and international law. Another reason being, two of the compulsory papers in the UPSC exams are from public administration, which is also a compulsory paper in the under graduation curriculum.

Political Science has been accepted as a door of possibilities which students can push to enter a world of precious opportunities .


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