“Postponement of OBE Will only Lead to Uncertainity” – DU’s Executive Council

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The executive council in a letter to Delhi University’s Vice-Chancellor- Yogesh Tyagi has expressed concerns over the repeated postponement of the open book examination in Delhi University.

Just two days before the scheduled open book examination, the University of Delhi told the Delhi High Court that the final year open book exams (OBE) which were scheduled to be held from July 10, had been postponed till August, or until further notice; fresh dates for the DU Final Year OBE 2020 will be uploaded on the official website. Due to this, the varsity has faced severe flak from both, faculty and students over handling the situation.

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Mock tests were conducted by DU to provide the students with the first-hand experience of the open book examination. And as predicted, it turned out to be a nightmare for them.

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There have been several complaints regarding the mock papers. Some of the problems mentioned by students are the crashing of the concerned portal, troubles in accessing the portal. Moreover, many subjects had no question papers. As a result, students were forced to upload blank paper or write anything. Thus, the whole purpose of the mock test got defeated.

In many cases, students got the question papers of either the 4th or the 6th semester. Even the data slot of 5MB/file for uploading files was found to be insufficient by the students. Above all, some students also reported of password tampering.

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The executive council members in the letter to the Delhi University’s Vice-Chancellor mentioned how the mock test organization was chaotic. It further added that it would increase the stress on the already burdened students during the pandemic. As a result, they stated that keeping in the view of the situation, keeping the OBE was not wise.

After all, the mock tests already seem to be a forewarning that OBE is an impending disaster, and postponement of the exams is not a solution.

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