6 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Miss Daulat Ram College's Annual Lit Fest-Novella'17

Ebook: hey,old grandpa! What are you doing here?
Book: just waiting for my new reader.
Ebook: ehh! Nobody uses you old chap. It’s me prevailing all over
Book: well! That may be true but people still love the pleasant smell of mine.
Ebook: rubbish!! It’s me whom people loves. In which century are you living? This is the era of technology.
Book: well you better ask readers..

Well while this conversation will continue for a little more time. Each one has its own pros and cons. Choosing the best option depends upon various factors regarding the reader.

It depends

The choice between a book and an ebook simply lies upon the reader.Some people obviously love the look, smell and the classy feel of reading a book and they are not going to give up all these sensory experiences only for a ^machine^. While there are people who are more attracted towards the gadgets. Nowadays the newer generation is strongly connected to the machines, smartphones, ipods and tablets. So for them turning the pages if a book is nothing more than a ‘boring stuff’.

Read well and sleep well

How often people are habitual of reading a book before going to bed. Reason- a sweet sleep. Also those people who are troubled of eye strain, they prefer books. High usage of electronic devices like ebook contributes to visual fatigue, itching and burning eyes. Also it is scientifically proved that artificial lights defiles the quality of slumber and can causes insomnia.

Ebook helps visually impaired

People suffering with reading problems suits ebooks and they provide range of options regarding the font size, zooming and brightness etc.

Fondness of books

There are thousands of book lovers who simply loves the feel a book gives them. That pleasant smell; humanly touch, and the classy look – all makes it a perfect love for a reader. People are fond of making their own library. Collection of books sounds more savouring than a collection of ebooks 🙂

It depends upon what you are reading

If it is more of a visual book then readers may go for paper book, if it is a long bulky one than one may prefer ebook. Furtherly people dont like to write on a ebook but one can write his own feeds upon a paper book.

Well both the formats of books are useful. Both have their own features and a few downsides too. Its not about who wins the war between books and ebooks but its more about the environment if you feel better at ebook, well that’s your choice. Reading a supreme habit. As long as you get to read thats’ a win.


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