Privacy In The Age Of Internet

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Our desire for privacy is a part of what makes us human. None of us likes to have our privacy invaded, whether from someone reading over our shoulder or a data breach. Every day we read stories about privacy hacks, raising our eyebrows. The Internet is widely perceived as a tool that has enabling individuals to author their own lives and to share their experiences with a vast network of people around the globe.It is has indeed given voice to the voiceless.

The term “Internet revolution” refers to the birth of a new information era that has transformed the way we create and share content. For in the universe of the internet, the ability in many cases to control the information about any of us is beyond our grasp. It then follows that the ability to delete any information about ourselves is similarly difficult to achieve. In cyberspace nothing dies.

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Thus security and privacy protection will become even more necessary in the next five years as we continue to digitize  every aspect of our lives – from fitness to the place where we are spending our vacations. Thus, it is becoming easier to unknowingly give away valuable information, via email, social media, etc. nowadays.

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A five-year-old can figure out how to watch a video on an iPad or make a call on an iPhone, fine. But can a five-year-old figure out how to use security software? No.

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Well, internet service providers collecting user browser history to educational software providers collecting broad data about our personal lives. Thus making simple laws and regulations guaranteeing consumers the right to opt out of personal data collection is the need of the hour. This would go a long way toward preserving privacy in the digital age.

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