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Problems Faced By Every North East Indian In Delhi

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Delhi University has students coming in from all over India and even abroad. We see students of various castes and religion. DU has students from North East India and yet they have to go through problems in Delhi which are not unknown. Although Delhi is known for accepting people from all walks of life, it is not the same for people from North East India.

1. Language Barrier

Not every North Eastern Indian knows Hindi and that results in them facing problems like hailing autos or even instructing cab drivers to reach the desired destination. Shopkeepers try to trick them into paying higher prices because they can’t bargain in a language they don’t know. We all can imagine how tough and annoying it would get at some point of time. Try being in the same situation where its basically impossible for you to perform any task on a regular basis.

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2. Name Calling Which Relates To Racism

This is one thing that annoys every North Eastern Indian.Small eyes does not give right to any person to call them Chinky or Chinese. They are Indians,citizens of the country you live in too. It might be funny for people who do this but this is offensive to them.

3. Being asked,” Are you from Nepal?”

This is one of the most asked questions to North Eastern Indians. Assumed a lot that every person who have the same face structure is from Nepal. There are different places in India where they could be from. Those places are Manipur, Mizoram or Assam. This can be annoying to answer everyday.

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4. Verbal Abuse,Eve Teasing and Harassment

This problem is common for everyone in Delhi but there have been a lot of cases of verbal abuse,eve teasing and harassment faced by North Easterns in Delhi.North Eastern women are assumed to be cheap if they are wearing short clothes.Streotyping them has made people believe that they are “easy” which makes way for further verbal comments and sexual harassment.Verbal abuse in the form of calling them various names is very common in Delhi.Cases of harassment due to racism in not unknown.Many of the North Easterns living in Delhi face this problems everyday either in their colleges or anywhere else in Delhi.

5. Prejudice and Discrimination

North Easterns have to go through many problems because of the discrimination and prejudice against them.They are denied accommodations in many places.This also includes physical assaults, insults, side glances or sneers and comments.There have been cases where North easterns have been suppressed at work place and denied equal rights.Many rental houses charge them more than others.

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