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Pros & Cons Of Living Near Your College

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Whether it was your parent’s decision to put you in a college where all the kids of neighbourhood go,your laziness to travel or maybe the best college was just few steps away from your residence. Some of you might have taken a PG near to the college to save your time and efforts. There are always two sides of a coin, living nearby has advantages and disadvantages as well. Here is a list of things that people living near to the college enjoy and suffer.


1. You Save Time and Money

du express saving money du students delhi university

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There is no hustle and bustle of the metros or staying stuck in traffic for hours. You save on the travelling expenses. You hardly have to worry about being late on your way and best part is that you mostly reach on time (Yay!)

2. More Sleep

du express student sleeping
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The biggest and the most favourite advantage—a good sleep. While your poor friends are struggling in the public transports or traffic jams to come to the college you get that one extra hour of sleep (what on earth can be more beautiful than this?)

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3. Attendance

du express du attendance issues

You feel like attending the college since home becomes such a boring place (this statement was only for freshers and nerds). It is very easy to cover low attendance because you can easily make it to the college.

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4. You Are An Active Part Of College Events

e cell shaheed sukhdev college of business studies

Every college fest seems like your own home’s function. You are always a part and parcel of all the events happening in the college. It is fun to be a part of them and you, without worrying about getting home on time actively participate in every college activity.

5. You Are The Expert Of The Area


You know every nook and cranny of the place. You know where to have the best momos, which is the nearest mall, cinema or cheapest place for photostats. You are always looked upon while a plan is made because you know it all.


1. Your Home = Your friends’ Home

du express friends hanging out

From group assignments to parties, from just chilling to having ghar ka khana; your friends will turn up at your place. You are their saviour and they keep asking favours from you most of the time (bhai charger le aa, please.)

2. You Are Assumed To Be An Useless Creature


Yes! Everyone insists you to be a part of all the plans. They think that since you live nearby you don’t have anything else to do and you are always the last one leaving the college. Also, your mum thinks the same on this.

3. Constant Reminders That You Live Nearby

site crashed delhi university


Your friends will always keep complaining that they live too far or have to travel an hour to come to the college. They will keep telling you that you are too lucky that you live nearby. And you are really tired of hearing tu toh yahi rehta hai (that too by pointing in the wrong direction) from them.

4. You Miss Travelling and Instant Plans

du express du metro travelling

You really miss the feel of driving to the college or the rush in the metro. You are always left out when your friends instantly decide to not attend the college on their way and go somewhere else.

5. You Didn’t Explore Much


While you made promises to yourself to explore the entire city, you ended up in the same area. Your friends always disagree to go at far off places since they don’t either find it feasible or don’t understand the feeling of going to the same place you had been going since when you were a kid.

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