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Protests Against High DU Cut-Offs By Students’ Groups

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The University of Delhi is one of the most sought-after educational institutions in India. Students wait for the announcement of its cut-offs with high anticipation every year. The DU cut-offs for the 2020 undergraduate admissions are notoriously high. They have incited students’ groups to stage protests against the DU administration. The Krantikari Yuva Sangathan (KYS) and the Left-Affiliated Students’ Federation of India (SFI) staged these protests on Monday 12th October.

“This cut-off that is decided on the basis of marks scored by students of big private schools is nothing but a policy of ensuring that the most marginalised student does not have any access to quality higher education. This ensures that students who bear the brunt of substandard public-funded school education are turned away from public-funded universities.”
The student activists from KYS even took to burning an effigy of the cut-off list. They thus cited the discriminatory nature of the admission process. The police detained eight of them while they were protesting at the Arts Faculty, North Campus. The SFI proceeded by submitting a memorandum to the University Vice-Chancellor. The memorandum puts forward their demands for a transparent admission process. It also goes on to showcase their stance against ‘such exclusionary methods that only favour the high society.
Rarely a year goes by when DU cut-offs do not end up as a hotly debated topic. This year, more than 1.84 lakh students surpassed the 90 per cent mark and 41,000 of them had scored above 95 in the CBSE class 12 exams. Hence, we were expecting higher marks to arrive anyway. LSR has pinned its cutoff for three honours courses at 100 per cent for the general category and has the highest cut-offs among the science courses as well. These protests may not be able to turn back these numbers now. But they surely bring out a certain ‘educational capitalism’ to the fore. Among the many issues, this pandemic has laid bare in front of us, making quality education accessible needs to be worked upon too.
Check out the college-wise cut-offs HERE.
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