Psychology Honours: What to expect?

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Have you thought of pursuing Psychology but have no idea what’s to come? We are here to help you. In this article, we’ll take you through everything you need to know, and everything you should expect before taking up Psychology honours!

What would your studies include?

  1. You would have to study a lot of theories in psychology honours. It is not entirely based on hard and fixed facts. It is constantly evolving as the scope of study deepens. There are new facts and new experiments from different psychologists, which means a lot of theories to go through.
  2. You would have to study statistics. There are a lot of research methods and tests that you will learn in psychology. These also include a good amount of statistical studies.
  3. Neuroscience is also involved. You would also have to study the brain. A lot of scientific terms would need to be remembered properly. It is not just social science, psychology is a science.

What are the job opportunities?

To practice as a psychologist or a therapist, you would at least have to get a masters degree in psychology. This means that you will have to study another 2 years after bachelor’s before you can get a job unless you decide to change your field from a psychologist.

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You could also work as a Counsellor or an Educational psychologist in schools and colleges, a Human resource manager in MNCs or become a teacher/professor of Psychology.

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If you are planning to pursue the civil services, psychology honours can be a good choice. You will study a lot of material related to social sciences and history, plus it can improve your capability to study a lot of material.

How would the course help you improve?

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When you come out of this course, you would have better communication skills. This course would also require a lot of research to be done for practicals and projects. Thus, it could improve your research skills. You would be better equipped to understand how typically humans think, feel and behave (you can’t read minds though!.

Psychology is a fascinating subject. It is very interesting with intriguing theories. But it also demands a lot of time and energy. If you give it your time, you will end up loving it!


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Chelsy Singhal
Currently pursuing English Honors from Hansraj College, University of Delhi. Spends most of the time playing her guitar and listening to music.

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