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PUBG Mobile : Addictive Multiplayer Game Breaking All The Records

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A lot of people are playing PUBG for nearly a year, and most of us are still bad at it. That’s okay — it’s the taking part that counts, and the fascinating thing of PUBG is that you can have a fun,tense experience no matter your skill level.

We were happy to get our first solo chicken dinner recently, though, as we did expect. But we didn’t think it’d happen the way it did — in our bed, on our phone.

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The mobile version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, popularly known as PUBG, one of the most played PC games of 2017, is now available on Google Play Store and App Store. Developed by Tencent Games, a subsidiary of Chinese tech company Tencent, in collaboration with Lightspeed & Quantum Studios, the PUBG Mobile has been optimised very well for the smaller screen. It doesn’t feel clunky during game sessions and is surprisingly smaller in size—the Android version needs just 777 MB of space to install (the PC version takes up 15GB of space). It is a multiplayer game and works best on WiFi networks.

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PUBG is the new trend:-

Gamers are pretty competitive people. We don’t like to lose. We must beat every game and everyone who plays it. It’s a Batman and Joker kind of relationship.

Because of its very nature, PUBG has become one of the most competitive games released in recent times. Dropping in with 99 other players, either alone or squadding up with your buddies, emerging victorious is an achievement.

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It also leads to serious stat-cravings. Folks are grinding leaderboards and chasing numbers. PUBG gives you three ratings: Overall, win and kill. You just have to get inside the top 50 in your region, right? RIGHT?

It’s not something I care about (which is a good thing, since I suck), but it’s very easy to see how one could get swept up in the endless competition. If you stop playing to, you know, go to sleep, you’ll probably wake up and have lost a bunch of places on the leaderboard.

So you jump back in, ever chasing a seemingly never-ending goal. But the millions and millions of people playing PUBG can’t¬†all¬†be obsessed with leaderboards and winning, right?

PUBG set 7 Guinness World Records this year:-

The rewards received by¬†PUBG¬†included “Fastest time to sell 1 million units for a Steam Early Access game,” “Fastest Steam Early Access game to gross $100 million,” and¬†”First videogame to reach 2 million concurrent players on Steam.”

In August,¬†PUBG¬†surpassed¬†Dota 2¬†for Steam’s¬†concurrent player record, and broke the¬†two million player¬†barrier just over a month later at the beginning of October. Just 10 days ago, the game was confirmed to pass¬†20 million copies¬†sold.

PUBG¬†also won Guinness World Records for “Most actively played game on Steam,” “Most concurrent players for a Steam Early Access game,” “Most concurrent players on Steam for a non-Valve videogame,” and “First non-Valve videogame to be the most played game on Steam.”

The accolades did not end there for¬†PUBG, as the game also won Golden Joysticks for “Best Multiplayer Game” and “PC Game of the Year.

Mobile Gameplay:-

The elements in the game are essentially the same as the full fledged PC version and all the weapons, attachments and armor are all present.

Shooting is a simple business here, and all players need to do is point in the general direction of the enemy and start firing.Switching guns has also been made simple with whatever attachments are on the present gun are automatically added to the one you pick up. Looting also had some help and the AI will automatically detect better items and pick them up. Healing has also been made convenient with the AI detecting whichever is the best healing item to use in the current health and automatically showing it for use.

For now, though, it’s just really cool to see that a groundbreaking gaming concept that brought monster PCs to their knees a year ago can already run on phones. Whichever your battle royale game of choice, it’s going to be worth checking out the mobile versions when they become widely available.


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