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Public University vs Private University : Which One’s For Me?

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As the admission season is going on, we all wonder : Should I take admission in a Public University or in a Private University?

In the end, the decision is solely yours to make. But, before making this important decision, you must understand the difference between a Public University and a Private University.This article will focus on both the types of universities, their definite meaning, their tuition costs, their campus life, courses offered, opportunities given.

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  • What is a Public University?

Public Universities are run and funded by the Government. They are generally established by a local legislative body. In India, there are many Public Universities. One of them is the esteemed University of Delhi which is under the Central Government.

  • What is a Private University?¬†

Private Universities are established by private companies and funded by private donors. For instance, Bennett University in Uttar Pradesh was established by The Times of India Group in 2016. 

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  • Tuition Costs- Public University vs Private University¬†

The tuition fees of Public Universities is much cheaper than that of the Private Universities. The reason behind the same is that these universities receive funds from the Government. Hence, students who opt for Public Universities pay lesser amount of tuition fees as compared to those who opt for Private University. For instance, if a student takes admission in Delhi University, he/she will merely pay a few thousands. 

On the other hand, the tuition fees of Private Universities is much costlier. The sheer reason behind this is that these universities do not get any financial assistance from the Government. Hence, these universities have to manage every expenditure of the college by themselves. So, students who take admission in Private Universities pay fees three times than any Public University student. For instance, if a student takes admission in a Private University he/ she will have to pay in lakhs.

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  • Campus Life- Public University vs Private University

Public Universities have a propensity to be more energetic and spirited in nature. The reason behind the same is that, these universities have a good amount of extracurricular activities, which creates a “healthy competition” between the students.

Whereas, Private Universities have more of a “party school” reputation. This is because, students who take admission in these colleges are more attracted towards having fun through dining at fancy restaurants or partying in clubs.

  • Course range given in Public University vs Private University

Because Public Universities tend to have a lot of students, they offer a wide range of courses and degrees. For instance, one can find courses and degrees starting from Bachelors to Masters and then Doctorate in a specific subject.

While, Private Universities have fewer students, they tend to offer only few courses and degrees. But, at the same time these universities give the students the opportunity to take whichever course or degree they want to pursue along with any other subject. For instance, in Ashoka University which is in Sonepat, students who want to pursue Psychology can take up Biology too, in order to understand their course better.

  • Bottom Line

In order to decide between Public Universities and Private Universities, one must explore every aspect of both the types. Given above are only the generalised differences. But, if one starts to distinguish between both the types specifically, he/ she will get to know a lot more. 

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