Ramjas College Restricts Students From Publishing Political Content
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Ramjas College has restricted students from publishing any kind of political content or even inviting entries for the same for their annual magazine.The students have been notified to publish only “generalised” content.

A notice signed by Convener G S Chilana was issued on 3rd April regarding the magazine which stated that submissions should not include any national or international political topics rather issues of social cause, environment, economics, business can be covered and submitted by 15th April.

“This is absolutely absurd. The college magazine should always give space to write on any topic of their choice. And when so much is happening in national and international politics, why does our college refrain us from writing on that.” a third year student was quoted as saying by Hindustan Times.

Both students and teacher said that it was the first time the college annual magazine – Anand Parvat has restricted students from writing on politics as far.

“Putting this clause in an institution which not only has a full fledged department of political science but also where students are engaged in politics is outrageous. Ours has always been a democratic campus and we have never shown any reservation from expressing our views on national and international politics. This is only to curb the critical thinking of students.”  Tanvir Aezas, an Associate Professor of Political Science Department of Ramjas College told Hindustan Times.


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