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Ramjas College Student Union Elections 2016

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Ramjas College is famous for politics,somehow students union elections got postponed this time from 9th September to 17th October due to the riots that happened on 2 September.

Efforts For Conducting Elections

Due to the hardwork and consistent labour put up the candidates who were contesting for the posts finally ended up in having the decision in their favour. Some of the candidates like Mr Kapil Chaudhary , Mr Yogit Rathee, Mr Anuj Damara  and Mr. Mohd. Alam along with their respective panels had the courage to fight for their rights and to demand for student’s representation especially when college is completing its 100 years.

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After facing so many obstacles in this journey all of them succeeded and college elections took place on 17 October 2016. There were 5 candidates contesting for the post of president, 4 for the post of vice president,3 for the post of secretary,2 for the post of joint secretary,2 for the post of the cultural in charge and 6 for the post of c.c. .

Paper Free-Online Campaigning

This time the candidates used the social media as a platform for their promotion so that implies  there was no wastage of paper and other resources. There were many new ways being devised for the promotion say like comic posters or going live on facebook for their promotions. For a full week candidates and their supporters had sleepless nights just putting up their efforts to make their respective candidates win.

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On the day of election many students came to vote and to exercise their power,the voting was scheduled was from 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.First years were excited to vote as many of them did not turn up during DUSU elections so it was a great opportunity for them to see how the voting process takes place.

The results were declared later after evaluation of votes.The results were as follow-

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Yogit Rathee-President

Raman Bhutani-Vice President

Amit Singh-Secretary

Amit Rao-Joint Secretary

Anshuman Dubey-Treasurer

Parul-Cultural Incharge

Siddhant & Akash-CC

We at DU Express congratulates the new union and we hope they will fulfill their agendas and will not let down their college students.We wish them all the best!

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