Ramjas College To Install National Flag On Campus Now After Hansraj

After the chaos earlier this year , Ramjas college is all ready to erect the National Flag of India on the college campus. Sources say that the college committee is deliberating over the cost and size of the flag. The staff has decided the spot and are planning to do it before the beginning of the new academic session so that it can welcome it’s new batch with the flag on the campus.

According to the acting principal of the college, P.C. Tulsian these efforts are being taken to accentuate the patriotic¬†feeling among the students. “It is a matter of pride to have the monumental Indian National Flag on the campus. Nobody should have any objection to it”,he said as quoted by Mail Today. He also said that the practice should be promoted in all colleges whether it is a Christian or a Sikh college. The initiative is supported by the students as well as many union members.

Ramjas had been in news before earlier this year when a seminar talk wad vandalized and created chaos which brought whole University, especially the north campus in it’s fist. A professor from Ramjas claimed that the move is not taken to repair the damage done to the reputation od the college as this has nothing to do with the February incidents.

The principal had also written to the Flag Foundation of India, asking for help in erecting the flag on the occasion of the 100 years of it’s foundation. Before Ramjas,Hansraj college hoisted the national flag on the 68th Republic Day of India.


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