Reality Of An All Girls College

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I am quite sure that by now, every girl in an all-girl’s college has read a million of these kinds of posts, and laughed along with them, agreeing to every single one. Agreed, the reality of a girls college IS that there are no boys hanging out outside, that its not a fashion show, and that in no way is it boring.

However, what these articles don’t bring to the reader’s attention is the importance of an all girls college.

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I went from a co-ed school, in which there was no concept of separation between the genders. Everyone was together all the time, there was always drama of whom liked whom, and it definitely shaped me into a person who I was proud to be. From all that, I found myself applying, and joining an all girls college.

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Initially, it was scary. There were always girl’s around, everywhere! But this one and a half years in college has changed me more than fourteen years of school could. Being part of an all girls college has opened my eyes and made me realise things i would never before. Small sexist remarks that everyone makes, are thoroughly analysed in all my classes. Actual importance is given to women who have changed the course of history, and girls are encouraged to be independent women. Even though we were assumed to be treated equal in school, attending a college that only has girls, and seeing how free and safe we can truly be in an open environment, has made me realise exactly how restrictive being a girl in a co-ed school was.

Never in my one and a half years in college have i been reprimanded for what i wear. Unlike what may people would think, the environment is not a ‘bitchy’ one, but girls are actually helping each other, and pushing them to do a better. In a society where women are pitted against one another, this has become an environment where i am proud to watch my peers grow.

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I once read about a study which was conducted, which concluded that women who go to an all girls college, or school- are more ambitious in life.  Of course, there are exceptions to every rule, but as these three years in college pass, i see the truth of this statement more and more. In an all girls college, there is no scope to put someone down based on their gender, there is no sexism, and being brought up in such an environment where one is never undermined, the heights that we believe we can reach will be much higher.

The reality of an all girls college is that it is life changing. The woman you come out to be is not the same one who entered three years ago. I may be biased as i am part of this, but having attended a co-ed school, i feel the difference in every single thing I do.

The absence of boys may bore some girls, but for me it has brought out my true potential, and has taught me that I CAN do anything that I want.

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